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Performing Arts
Theater Arts

Us Partner Institution Loyola Marymount University
Faculty All courses by AIB faculty
On-Site Coordinator Janette Yamanian
Level Students with a major or minor in Theater Arts
Sequence Every two years (odd years)


The Theater Program is directed at students with a major or a minor in Theater Arts. The program is located in Bonn, with a three-week stay at the renowned Moscow Art Theatre‘s acting school and an excursion to Berlin. The director of the program is Professor Diane Benedict. The semester is organized in two parts. The first half is set up as a conservatory style program. Working with international professors, you will immerse yourself in the different approaches to acting.

The second half of the semester is dedicated to the students‘ own performance. In a process called devised theatre, you – together with LMU and AIB professors – are going to rehearse and produce a play. Reflection on the experience of being a foreigner in a foreign country has informed the performances like „Motherroad“ (2013) and „On Borrowed Time“ (2015). All performances were shown at different public playhouses, including the municipal theater and the „Theater im Ballsaal“ in Bonn, the MXAT in Moscow and the Theater Museum in Dusseldorf.


Stage Directing

Students will learn an understanding of the fundamental skills of stage direction and the different styles. It is based on the idea of how different spaces – public, private or theatrical – create atmosphere and transport ideas.

Advanced Euro Movement & Voice Techniques

This course is designed as a practical in-depth study for the European approach to physical movement and vocal speech for the actor. Techniques include ballet, balance and partner work as well as singing and speech.

European Theater History

Students will acquire the fundamentals of theater from the 5th Century BC to the present day in Europe. They will be able to name exemplary authors and dramas of different epochs and to define their importance.

Brechtian Epic Theater Techniques

This course is designed as practical in-depth study of Bertolt Brecht’s Epic Political Theatre approach to the acting process and directing process. Techniques learned and applied are use of gestus Verfremdung (distancing or estrangement effect), use of 3rd person in character development, partner exercises and video and camera acting.

Stanislavski Method

This course is designed as a practical in-depth study of the Stanislavski method and approach to the acting process as applied while incorporating various techniques to develop body awareness, imagination, emotional access, physical actions, psychological gestures and complex theatrical characters. Through intensive physical, psychological and emotional exercises and improvisations, students will develop the skills and techniques necessary to perform truthful naturalistic and realistic physical theater.


The goal is to provide students with the ability to speak, understand, read and write basic German, with emphasis placed on communicative skills in practical everyday situations.


You will visit several theater plays and operas in Bonn & its region as well as in Berlin and Moscow.

Excursion to Moscow

Theater students will study with master acting teachers at the acclaimed Moscow Art Theatre School, home of Stanislavski and Anton Chekhov. They will attend performances at the Moscow Art Theatre and other local Moscow theaters, which may include the Bolshoi and Taganka. While in Moscow, theater students will enjoy local excursions and tours around Moscow such as to the Red Square, the Kremlin and Lenin’s tomb.

Excursion to Berlin

The program offers a five-day trip to Berlin. In Berlin, students will explore this recently reclaimed cosmopolitan city with its vast German history. Students will visit the site of a former concentration camp, the new Holocaust Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie and attend theater plays.


Gastfamilien & Housing


Janette Yamanian