Performing Arts

Our Performing Arts Program offers students the opportunity to engage with and to learn from Bonn’s rich tradition of performing arts. The city enjoys widespread renown as a city of the arts: the high class Beethoven Festival concert series or the internationally recognized Bonn Theater are just a few examples of this tradition. In this unique setting, Theater students will not only be working with experts in their field, but will also take practical courses and workshops with the goal of producing and performing their own play at the end of the program to a public audience.

On Borrowed Time

1917-1929; Orange, New Jersey. Dr. Marie Curie has introduced the world to radium, the new wonder element used in everything from medicine to luminous dials. Suddenly, young girls, who are dialpainters at U.S. Radium Corporation, begin to fall inexplicably ill, some of whom are dying. How do they battle their employers, as well as the elements of time and radium before it‘s too late?

Semester Programs

Loyola Marymount University, L.A.