Liberal Arts

The students stood in front of the remains of the Berlin wall and listened to an eye-witness describe the history of the Cold War: this is one example of how, at AIB, learning extends far outside of the classroom. We believe that hands-on learning is a crucial part of the study abroad experience, and therefore our Liberal Arts programs give students the opportunity not only to learn about History, Culture, and Art in the classroom, but to engage with them first-hand in the European cities.

Those students who take Theology classes while studying abroad in Bonn will have the opportunity to plan a church service. The theology students develop the program together with their professor, which includes writing the sermons and picking the music. The purpose of the service is multifaceted: it is a great way to sum up the semester, it gives the students an opportunity to allow the students to reflect on the experiences they have had during their stay in Germany, and it also simply provides a moment for the students to sit and sing together with the friends they made during their study abroad program.

Semester Programs

(Former New Europe Program)
Loyola Marymount University, L.A.

Summer Programs

Purdue University, Indiana