Environmental Science & Engineering

Us Partner Institution Loyola Marymount University
Faculty US and German Faculty
On-Site Coordinator Andreas Geyr
Level 2nd Year Undergraduates
Sequence Fall semester


The Bonn Engineering program is a semester long program offered in the fall that allows students to progress in their Engineering major and core curriculum courses in a country that has a long history of significant engineering achievements.

Through class and study tours, students gain exposure to highly relevant topics in the fields of civil, mechanical and electrical engineering. Classroom lectures are complemented by field trips to selected industry partners and project sites to help students understand and increase their interest in the exciting scientific, mathematical, technological and artistic work being carried out in Germany and the European Union.


Engineering Course “Electric Circuit Analysis”, including laboratory experiments
(3 credits)

Students are introduced to techniques in electrical circuit analysis, including branch, node, mesh methods; Thevenin and Norton theorems; step and sinusoidal responses of RLC circuits, operational amplifier circuits, power.

Physics Course “Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism”, including laboratory experiments (4 credits)

The course focuses on understanding the laws that govern the behavior of charged particles. Topics include electrostatics; current, resistance and D.C. circuits; magnetism; induced electromotive force; electric and magnetic properties of matter; Maxwell’s equations.

Engineering Course “Statics” (3 credits)

Students learn to solve determinate statics problems in preparation for junior and senior level design and analysis courses.

Math Course “Ordinary Differential Equations” (3 credits)

Students study general solutions of first and second order differential equations considering qualitative, analytical and numerical approaches.

German Course “German Language, Communication & Culture” (1 credit)

Students learn basic, practical German language and gain insights into German culture, which support them in their day-to-day life in Bonn.

Theology Course “In Search of a Way

Spirituality, Faith and Culture” (4 credits): Students analyze the crucial role of faith, religion and spirituality in the formation of the individual and communities.


Study Tours

Several study tours throughout the semester allow students to witness firsthand German engineers’ commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Berlin & Dresden
6-day study tour to major-related sites such as the Volkswagen manufacturing plant and to culturally and historically important sites such as the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial.

Bruges & Paris
6-day study tour to the French capital with an overnight stay in Bruges, including site visits to the Delta Works on the North Sea, Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Versailles Palace.

Multiple Regional Study Tours, major-related or with a cultural focus, e.g. to the Electron Particle Accelerator in Bonn; Cologne (Roman City & Cathedral); the Ruhr Area (former coal mining area); the Upper Middle Rhine River Valley (Unesco World Heritage)

Robotics Workshop with German students

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) is one of Europe‘s largest and most modern research institutions. In cooperation with schools, the DLR offers hands-on experiments in the fields of aeronautics, space, energy and transport research with the focus on robotics and artificial intelligence. Together with German students, our students delve into this fascinating world of state-of-the-art technology and become researchers themselves for a day.


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