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Update from the LMU Film Program

Update from our LMU Film Program!


A lot has been going on in the first couple of weeks in our LMU Film program.

Two weeks ago, the students had their first Workshop on Sound. Check them out boom pole-ing around the AIB courtyard below.

Last Friday, AIB screened the movie ‘Karl Marx City’ by Petra Epperlein. This personal documentary has Petra, who grew up in Communist East Germany, returning to her childhood home to investigate her father’s suicide. In time, she suspects that her dad's involvement with the Stasi security forces went much deeper than she ever knew.

Afterwards, the attendees had the chance to ask questions and discuss with Petra Epperlein in a little Q&A.

Saturday, the students embarked on a trip to Amsterdam to attend the IBC conference. The conference, which is the leading Media, Entertainment and Technology show, provides a great space to network, discuss and explore a myriad of different topics – ranging from technical advances in the industry to everything pertaining to the creation, management, and delivery of media of any kind. Interesting keynotes, panels, hands-on areas, and discussions were a great way for the students to learn more about the industry they aspire to work in.

This week, they will be participating in a week-long workshop on cinematography. They will learn about lighting, camera movement and set procedures to give them the knowledge, tools, and tricks they need to get started on filming their own documentaries soon.

Check out the pics below and stay tuned for more updates soon!




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Firmenlauf Bonn - Bonn's Corporate Fun Run!

Firmenlauf Bonn - Bonn's Corporate Fun Run!

     Firmenlauf Bonn – Corporate Fun Run!

On Thursday, students from all of our Fall programs and some of our program coordinators participated in the Bonn Corporate Fun Run.

The run took place in the Rheinaue, Bonn’s biggest and most beautiful park with idyllic gardens, little hills, and a scenic lake located right along the Rhine River.

The participants braved the rainy and chilly September weather to help raise money for our long-time partner organization, the Marol Academy in South Sudan.

Through the run, we were able to raise 210€ which will now help the Marol Academy to build schools and ensure the education of many young boys and especially girls. See here for more information.


In the name of AIB and the Marol Academy, a big thank-you to all that participated in the run and fought the rain and wind to help do some good!


Check out the pictures below for an impression of the event.







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Loyola Marymount University Film-Awards – AIB Germany Film Alumni nominated!

Film Outside the Frame is LMU SFTV’s annual student film festival and awards ceremony which honors both current and former students, including distinguished alumni, in all areas of filmmaking.

This year, several of our Bonn Film Program Alumni were nominated in different categories. Three of the nominated films were even shot as semester projects during the AIB LMU Film program 2016.

Here are the nominees: 

- “Phantasiaman” by Mariel Sosa – 2016 alumna of AIB program. The documentary was shot during her time in Bonn and won the audience award at our big end-of-semester screening. The film is nominated for the Silver Lion Award and in the category of Best Documentary.


- “Karikatur: The Work of Klaus Stuttmann” by Clark Eglinton – 2016 alumnus of AIB program. This doc was also shot during Clark’s semester abroad at AIB. The doc is nominated for the Silver Lion Award.


- “Fall from Grace” by Morgan Hinshaw – 2016 alumna of AIB program. Her doc was also shot during her time at AIB and is nominated for the Faculty Award for Promotion of Social Justice.


- “Mr. Cool” by Aaron Hill – currently in the AIB Film semester program. His film is nominated for the Cub Award and the Bernard Abbene Comedy Writing Award. His other film “How to Lucid Dream” is also in the running and nominated for the Cub Award.


- “Onset” by Nick Ertola – 2015 alumnus of AIB. He is credited as director/editor, together with Andy Fronczak (DP), Ben Imperato (Writer), and David Fortune, Ana Podrez, and Elias Ontiveros as producers. The film is nominated for the Golden Lion Award, the Student Choice Award, the Ian Conner Award for Best Cinematography, the Dreier Family Award for Best Editing, and the James Wong Best Picture Award.


- “March of Band Nerds” produced by Nader Motamedi – also a 2015 alumnus of AIB. Nader produced the film together with Elise Dean (Writer/Producer). It is nominated for the Bernard Abbene Comedy Writing Award (Best Comedy).


- "Time, Life and Why..." directed by Kayla Hashimoto – 2015 alumna of AIB. She also served as writer in collaboration with Katelyn Saindon, another AIB alumna of 2015. The film was produced by Alexandra Marske and Nader Motamedi, also 2015 alumni of AIB. The film is nominated for two awards: the SFTV Dean's Directing Award and the Arkoff Award For Best Produced Screenplay.


- "Keeper" directed by Jennifer Bohnert - 2016 alumna of AIB. Her film is also nominated for the Faculty Award for Promotion of Social Justice and was also shot during her time at AIB.

 Congratulations to all of the nominees and good luck for the ceremony on October 1, 2017. AIB is rooting for all of you!

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Texas A&M University and Penn State University workshop on 'Spaces'

The Texas A&M University Department of Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning's and Penn State Department of Landscape Architecture, LARCH's students participated in a workshop on ‚Photography, Space, and Place‘ – exploring underutilized urban areas along the railway tracks between the center of Bonn and the northern city limits by bike and documenting particular characteristics of selected spaces in this area through photography.

At the end, the students presented their hard work in the AIB studio space to each other! It will serve as the foundation for their semester-long design project of spaces along the railway corridor.

It was amazing to see what they were able to capture and come up with in such a short amount of time!

Well done!

And a big thanks to Erica Quinn for hosting the workshop.

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Harvey Relief Efforts

We were saddened and heartbroken to hear of the devastation and destruction Harvey has caused in Texas and especially in the Houston area. Many of our current and former students coming to us from Texas A&M University are from this area and felt the destruction the hurricane brought first hand.

In order to help out, AIB decided to collect donations for the victims of Hurricane Harvey at our Welcome Event last week. And we are happy to announce that a whopping 240$ were donated.

We have transferred the donation to the Houston Food Bank where it will help to feed those who have been replaced and lost everything, or have otherwise been affected by the recent storm.

Our hearts go out to all the victims and we wish them and the Houston area strength for the upcoming months of rebuilding and finding their way back to normalcy.


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