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Texas A&m Bioscience Visits Bonn University Clinics

Last week Texas A&M Bioscience students had the great opportunity to visit Bonn University Hospital and watch surgeons perform several different surgeries. All dressed up for the occasion the students got some first-hand experience for the future.

„It was very interesting as someone who hopes to be a future physician, to see the different types of surgeries that there are”, says Vivian Martin. “I was able to see two different surgeries, one that was invasive (open heart surgery) and another one that was minimal-invasive (a sinus correction). This experience definitely brings you back into reality about why you’re studying what you’re studying and gives you extra motivation to keep going so that you can get there one day and see how we‘re changing the world.“



AIB Team/Vivian M.



Texas A&M Bioscience visits Vienna!

Off to their first longer excursion Texas A&M Bioscience students explored Vienna last week - one of Europe’s most impressive capitals. After a medical city tour they visited the Michaelerkirche and combined facts and food at the Goulashmuseum. Apart from checking out several medicine related museums and sites like the Narrenturm, the students enjoyed a concert at St. Anna Church as well as Austria’s gentle winter weather.

This is what Ryan B. had to say about the excursion: 
“Vienna is a great city, definitely one of my favorite places I've been so far. The city is an amazing mix of modern and old buildings, and the older buildings from the Austro-Hungarian empire are extremely ornate and in incredible condition. The middle of the city was always bustling with tourists and locals. Some highlights from our program there included a city tour from "Dr. Schnabel" (Dr. Wasser in a plague doctor outfit), eating horse goulash, going into a church crypt, and hearing Mozart and Haydn on authentic Classical instruments. It was nice to be able to take a bit of a break from classes to explore the city.” 




AIB Team/ Ryan B.



Texas A&M and FC Bayern München Collaboration

Great news out of the Texas A&M Sport Management Department – “Fan exchange between FC Bayern München Soccer Club and Texas A&M Aggie Football!”

The Texas A&M Sport Management Department and the German Bundesliga Soccer Club FC Bayern München created a great video on a fan exchange comparing the similar cultures of Bayern Munich Soccer and Aggie Football. Colin Brennan, a Sport Management Senior at Texas A&M and 2017 AIB summer program participant, was the focus of the video! Paul Batista, Associate Professor for Sport Management at Texas A&M, who has led many AIB Sport Management programs in Germany was also involved in the awesome collaboration. Thanks for sharing, Paul, and congrats to all involved on such a great clip!


AIB Team



Wintery AIB Welcome!

A winterish welcome to our Spring Term Students!

Our partners at LMU, Texas A&M, Penn State University, and as a first, Lafayette College have sent their students into currently frosty Germany. To start off their four months here they went on short trips to remote places in the Eifel or Ahr Region in order to get to know each other better. The students enjoyed spending time in nature, hiking through the night, and adapting to the German winter. But fear not! Spring and warmer days will come – we promise.




AIB Team



Cultural Film Workshop at AIB

In October of last year 14 students from NAFTI (National Film and Television Institute/ Accra Ghana) attended a 12-day intensive workshop in Germany, which was organized by AIB. Cooperation partners were the Alanus Hochschule für Kunst und Gesellschaft in Alfter and the FH-Dortmund’s film department.

The young enthusiastic students not only came to learn more about film, but also about Germany and to cooperate with other students from different nations: they met and worked together with students from Germany, Bulgaria, and the USA. The NAFTI students were very eager to take in as much as they could in this short period of time.

A number of highlights made their stay memorable:

The screening of several films from different countries was followed by a fantastic discussion about the films and how we can learn from different cultures.
In only two days they shot short fiction films together with acting students from Alanus Hochschule.

A special interview workshop with AIB’s LMU Film students helped to improve conducting interviews with someone who doesn’t speak the same language as the interviewer.

The workshop was the first of its kind and it is planned to offer more of these workshops, with even more students from different countries. The main aim is to connect young people from different nations, so that they are able to learn from each other and exchange knowledge from their respective cultural backgrounds.

All partners agreed that the cooperation should continue. It is an important duty to cooperate in learning and producing films, which convey a positive image of social developments, to reduce existing prejudice, and establish mutual future prospects.



AIB Team/Andreas Frowein


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