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Texas A&M and Penn State Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning in Berlin!

From 17-20 th October the Texas A&M and Penn State University Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning students visited Germany’s eclectic capital Berlin.

Blessed with sunny fall weather, the excursion started with a bike tour through the city center, visiting some historic sites such as Museumsinsel, Reichstag, Brandenburger Tor and the Holocaust memorial. The day ended with a delicious morrocan dinner at restaurant Kasbah.


The next day both programs were guided by Christian Hajer through “Berlins Block” visiting hidden backyards and Potsdamer Platz- the most striking example of urban renewal.

On day three, the landscape architects visited the 18 hectare large park “Natur Park Südgelände”. The park is characterized by the combination of decaying railway installations, nature conservation and new art objects.

The tour went on to the Park at Gleisdreieck. The railway area around the traffic junction at Gleisdreieck became a wasteland at the end of the Second World War, and developed a rich diversity of vegetation almost unnoticed.

A citizens’ group was formed with the aim of ensuring a permanent existence for this unhoped-for refuge reclaimed by flora and fauna surrounded by dense redevelopment, and in the end they were successful. Many proposals and criticisms by residents were integrated into the planning process, which was notable for the strong public involvement. The park has been awarded the German Landscape Architecture Prize 2015 for produces outstanding quality in design and construction through to property and detailed planning.


While the landscape architects explored Berlin’s green areas, the urban planners went on a tour through Teepeeland, Holzmarkt and Spreefeld Berlin. The teepeeland is a small community living in teepees that are set up right at the river Spree at Köpenicker Straße. Their project is multicultural and organized as grassroots democracy. The community’s goal is to live in a harmonic relationship with nature, and at the same time offer free cultural entertainment for everybody. The Holzmarkt was advertised as a “village within a city” when it was opened to the public in early 2017. It was created by a cooperative network of inhabitants of Berlin who wanted to develop the open space at the river as a new center of urban living. Located at the Spree riverside in between Kreuzberg and Mitte, Spreefeld Berlin is a project for community living and working in the city center of Berlin. The Spreefeld Berlin consists of three buildings with a total of 6000-8000 square metre living and usable floor space, mainly for living use, but also with rooms for commercial, public and various internal use.

The last day was spent at the UFA Fabrik, the most successful project with respect to locally integrated development to emerge out of the experimental West Berlin alternative culture. The residential community of about 30- and altogether about 150 co-workers, manages an ever increasing range of cultural, social and ecological projects. The UFA residents Werner and Marco demonstrated UFA’s co-generation systems and renewable energy production, including one of Berlin’s largest solar energy systems, local re-use of rainwater and greening of buildings.



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Guest lecture by Dr. Choi at AIB

Yesterday, Dr. David Y. Choi from Loyola Marymount University held an interesting guest lecture at AIB. The event was open to AIB students and members of the American-German Business Club.

Dr. Choi talked about ‘The Growth of Silicon Beach – The New Tech-Economy in Los Angeles’ and how the new developments and startups are “leveraging their unique resources and strengths of the Southern California Economy to their advantage”.

Thank you, Dr. Choi, for your interesting presentation and insights!



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Guest lecture announcement - AIB welcomes Dr. Choi

On Monday, October 16, 2017, AIB is expecting a very special guest from LMU: 

Dr. David Y. Choi, professor of Entrepreneurship in the College of Business Administration at Loyola Marymount University, is coming to visit AIB and the LMU programs studying in Bonn.

In his guest lecture “The Growth of Silicon Beach – The New Tech-Economy in Los Angeles” on Monday night he will share some of the major developments of Silicon Beach with us.

Please see below for further details about Dr. Choi and his lecture.

He is already very much looking forward to greeting and speaking to all of our students and also hearing about their study abroad experiences in Germany.

 When: Monday, October 16, 7 PM

Where: Classroom, old AIB

Food & Drinks provided by AIB

We look forward to welcoming Dr. Choi and hearing about the new developments in Silicon Beach!




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Directing Workshop in the LMU Film Program - in cooperation with the Alanus Hochschule

This week, the LMU School of Film and Television students have been busy learning about directing in theory and practice during their Directing Workshop.

The workshop was led by René Harder from the Alanus Hochschule für Kunst und Gesellschaft. Acting students from the same school also participated in the workshop.

On Monday, all students got to know each other in fun little games and formed seven teams of 3 actors and 2 AIB students.

Then, all groups were given the same script ‘Ice Cream’ and tasked to come up with their own interpretation of the scene.

Thursday was shooting day and all the students were busy acting, filming and directing their short scenes.

Today, our Film students are editing their shorts to have them screened tonight at the AIB Germany, so both Actors and AIB students can see the outcome of their hard work.

This was for sure a fun way to gain experience in filming and especially directing! A big thank you to Rene Harder and the students from the Alanus Hochschule Fachgebiet Schauspiel!

Check out the pictures below for some impressions from the shoots and get-togethers.






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Penn State and Texas A&M LAUP and LA students' workshop and excursion

Penn State and Texas A&M LAUP and LA students' workshop and excursion


From September 19-21, the Penn State and Texas A&M Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning students turned into artists in a workshop on Public Art, led by renowned artist Thorsten Goldberg from Berlin ( together with Bruno Röver, AIB and June Martin, Texas A&M.

The challenge given to teams of three to four students was to come up with a piece of art to be installed on-site, that highlights, accentuates, questions or challenges special qualities & usages of a part of the 3.94km railway corridor in the northern part of Bonn, which is at the same time the site of the students’ semester design studio.

After a lot of hammering, gluing, cutting, sawing and painting, the teams presented film footage of their art installation at the AIB facilities. Balloons were released, improvised doors installed, mosaics of moveable wood chips with poetic words on them were laid out. In a quite unique project, one group accentuated the tram traffic by playing a triangle at a tram stop to the sound of trams passing through.

In the end, many new facets of the project site came to light, and many intriguing interpretations were discussed. Public Art as an informant for design – the students certainly lived up to that challenge!

Site visit

Then, on September 25, the Texas A&M University and Penn State Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning students explored the "Neue Bahnstadt Opladen” - a new mixed-use development on the grounds of a former railway maintenance facility along the train tracks around Opladen Station, Leverkusen.

The group was hosted by Ms. Rottes, CEO of Neue Bahnstadt Opladen GmbH and its public relations officer Laura Batenbruch, who introduced the students to the unique development concept, masterplan and design features of the Neue Bahnstadt Opladen. A guided tour through the quarter was also part of the program.

All in all, this was a wonderful insight into contemporary approaches to urban development and design in the challenging environment of major traffic infrastructure, that students can now incorporate into their design approach for the studio project they are working on this semester.

Everyone greatly appreciated the time and effort taken by Ms. Rottes and Ms. Batenbruch to introduce the group to this project.

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