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AIB Charity Weekend coming up on April 18/19!

AIB Charity Weekend coming up on April 18/19!

Saturday April 18 - “Simply saying thank you” 70 US-American students volunteer for Bonn by taking part in the International Big Event 2015

This Saturday, our 70 American guest students will take action together to thank the Bonners for their hospitality. It is the second year that AIB will host the International Big Event to provide students with the opportunity to give back to the local community. The Big Event originates from Texas A&M University, our partner in College Station, Texas. (
In the spirit of the mission statement 'One big day, one big thanks, one big event' thousands of A&M students volunteer within the community once a year. It is the largest one-day, student-run service project in the USA. In 2014, the Big Event went international, for the first time and Bonn became the biggest project location outside the USA. By hosting the International Big Event, we aim to encourage our students to get involved with the local community. Among others, a clean-up project at the Bonner Godesburg ( is planned, as well as a gardening project at the Jewish cemetery in Königswinter. Our groups from Texas A&M University (College Station, Texas), Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles, California) and Penn State University (State College, Pennsylvania) are looking forward to meeting their project partners on April 18, 2015.

Sunday, April 19 – AIB Charity Run

On Sunday, our students will participate in the Bonn Marathon. Not only will this be a great experience for students and staff, but they will actively help raise money for the AIB affiliated Marol Academy, an NGO in South Sudan that supports educational projects for underprivileged children ( The donations will be used for new classrooms, education for the teachers and improvements to the educational program. We look forward to seeing all our students, faculty and staff on Sunday - either running or cheering!



Update on the Enmodes Project

Update on the Enmodes Project

The Texas A&M Bioscience students’ project with Enmodes is underway. Last week, Tim Kaufmann and Ralf Borchardt from Enmodes again visited Bonn. This time, Dr. Jeremy Wasser gave a brief overview of the students’ work and then gave the students the opportunity to summarize each of their five preliminary designs. The Enmodes representatives had the chance to ask questions and give feedback on each of the designs, which opened a discussion that furthered the students’ understanding of the project and what issues their designs might have in real-world application.

To design something for real-world production and use is not a task undergraduate students usually have the opportunity to participate in, especially not to the capacity that this project allows, so they are very excited to continue to work with Enmodes. Kaufmann and Borchardt were pleasantly surprised with the direction that the students have taken the project, and are excited to see the final three device designs that will be presented in Aachen in late April.


Emily Sturgell



The AIB Charity Day - this year on April 18, 2015

The AIB Charity Day - this year on April 18, 2015

The AIB Charity Day is an opportunity for our US-American students to become actively involved with charity, by doing volunteer work in Bonn.

Because of its big success in 2014, when it was done for the very first time, we would like to take action again and do good. Sixty of our spring semester students, have already signed up to participate in the AIB Charity Day to thank the citizens of Bonn for their hospitality. The idea originates from students of Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, who organize such a Volunteering Day every year. According to the theme 'One big day, one big thanks, one big event' thousands of students are volunteering across the city and the community for the good cause. With the AIB Charity Day, the students will get the opportunity to say 'Thanks' to their host city Bonn, while the organizations and institutions will get a motivated and helpful volunteer for a day. In addition, we also aim to support the students' participation and integration into the local community. Our students from Texas, California and Pennsylvania are currently looking for ways to engage themselves. This can cover all kinds of areas which relate to volunteer work – cleaning, gardening, helping out around the house and much more.

Are you looking for help and need motivated volunteers? Do you have a project we can support you with? We are looking forward to hearing from you!

For more information, please contact Inga Bruckmann ( or Kristin Vosbeck (



On Borrowed Time

On Borrowed Time

At the close of this year's spring term at the Akademie für Internationale Bildung (Academy for International Education AIB) the LOSt ANGELeS Ensemble from Loyola Marymount University, L.A. presents the play „On Borrowed Time“ at Theater Marabu in Bonn-Beuel under the direction of professor Diane Benedict.

AIB cordially invites all interested townspeople to come to the premiere on April 30 at 8 pm. Additional performances will take place on May 1 at 8 pm and on May 2 at 2 pm at Theater Marabu in Bonn-Beuel.

About the play:
The year is 1917. The United States has officially entered the conflict of World War I, women have gained suffrage in New York City, flappers and gangsters meet at local speakeasies, and a strange new element has been discovered by Dr. Marie Curie: Radium. It is being hailed as a modern miracle elixir that will cure cancer. As the war continues, demands for radium skyrocket and young girls from Orange, New Jersey begin working at the United States Radium Corporation as dialpainters to help their families in the economic crisis. They paint the numbers on watches and clocks with luminescent paint made from Radium, and the United States Radium Corporation generously donates their excess radium dust to the local community sandboxes to 'keep our children healthy!' This so-called „miracle elixir“ is being ingested daily by the dialpainters as they use the 'tipping' method by putting their brushes in their mouths to get a fine point. Slowly – and horrifyingly – the dialpainters become increasing ill, and one by one, die from Radium poisoning. The company, for which they've worked for years, and put their blind trust in, now will do anything to cover up the truth that Radium is killing their workers.

Sick with radium poisoning, with only months to live, their jaws and bones slowly disintegrating, the dialpainters muster the courage to take their case to court in the first landmark case of United States industrial reform.

For booking tickets please send an E-Mail to or call 0228 - 33 88 39 20.

We would be happy to welcome you on one of the three evenings at Theater Marabu.

The LOST ANGELeS Ensemble together with the AIB-Team are looking forward to seeing you!

DOWNLOAD FLYER: borrowed_time.pdf



Frischer Blick auf Unkel

Frischer Blick auf Unkel

Workshop mit amerikanischen Studierenden der Pennsylvania State University

Drei Tage lang bringen elf Studierende der Pennsylvania State University frischen Wind nach Unkel, wenn sie vom 23. bis 25. März 2015 zu einem Workshop zu Besuch kommen. Die angehenden Landschaftsarchitekten kommen nicht direkt aus den USA, sondern aus Bonn. Dort absolvieren sie derzeit ein einsemestriges Auslandsstudien-Programm, das von der Bonner Akademie für Internationale Bildung betreut wird.

Nachdem die jungen Menschen auf zahlreichen Exkursionen und in verschiedenen Seminaren einen Einblick in deutsche Stadt- und Landschaftsplanung bekommen haben, dürfen sie nun selber kreativ werden. Sie sollen einen frischen Blick auf Unkel werfen, ihre Besonderheiten erkunden, versteckte Potenziale aufspüren und vielleicht erste Ideen für weitere Entwicklungen skizzieren. Dabei können in diesem knapp dreitägigen Workshop keine fertigen Konzepte entstehen. Vielmehr geht es darum, mit frischem Blick von außen auf die Stadt zu schauen und die lokale Diskussion mit neuen Impulsen zu bereichern.

Mit einem Begrüßung durch die Stadt beginnt der Workshop am 23. März 2015. Nach geführtem Stadtspaziergang endet der erste Tag mit Impulsvorträgen aus der Unkeler Bürgerschaft im Alten Ratsaal. Am zweiten Tag machen sich die Studierenden auf Erkundungstour durch den Ort und entwickeln erste Ideen an Arbeitstischen, die sie temporär im Willy-Brandt-Forum aufbauen. Am 25. März 2015 geht der Workshop zu Ende und die studentischen Eindrücke und Ideen werden im Alten Ratsaal öffentlich präsentiert und diskutiert.

Vielleicht ist die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Stadt, Unkeler Engagierten und amerikanischen Studierenden nur ein Anfang. Der Akademie für Internationale Bildung Bonn ist daran gelegen, dass nicht nur im Klassenzimmer gelernt wird, sondern vor Ort: an realen Aufgabenstellungen, mit engagierten Menschen und interessierten Bürgern. Vielleicht kommen demnächst regelmäßig Studierende nach Unkel.

Veranstalter des Workshops
Akademie für Internationale Bildung gGmbH, Bonn Study Abroad Programm für Studierende der Landschaftsarchitektur der Pennsylvania State University, USA

Programm Direktor: Ture Petersenn,;
Dozentin: Dr. Juliane von Hagen,; Tel 0177.246.2498

in Kooperation mit
Entwicklungsagentur Unkel
Rex Stephenson,


mo 23. März 2015
14.30 Uhr - Begrüßung der Studierenden durch Stadt Unkel, Alter Ratsaal
15.00 Uhr - Historischer Stadtrundgang
17.30 Uhr - Auftaktveranstaltung mit Vorträgen zu Unkel gestern und heute, Alter Ratsaal

di 24.März 2015
10 Uhr - Führung durch das Willy-Brandt-Forum
11-18.00 Uhr - Arbeitsphase der Studierenden im UG des Willy-Brandt-Forums
18.30 Uhr - informelles Zusammentreffen der Studierenden mit jungen Interessierten aus Unkel

mi 25. März 2015
16.00 Uhr - öffentliche Präsentation und Diskussion der studentischen Ideen, Alter Ratsaal

DOWNLOAD: Workshop Einladung


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