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Get a little glimpse into the Vienna excursion

Get a little glimpse into the Vienna excursion

Is there still Plague in Vienna?

Although the answer is obviously "no", the Texas A&M Biosciences students put aside reality for a few hours and took all preventative measures as they toured this ancient medical hub with their certified Plague doctor and tour guide, Dr. Schnabel. True to his character, this elusive guide made sure each student was properly immunized against the plague with the following three "tried-and-true" plague deterrents: a clove, some "urine" (which was actually the popular Austrian soda, Almdudler), and white vinegar.


As the students toured the city, they learned the history of medical development in Vienna and its contributions to the rest of the world, including the first mental hospital in Europe, an advanced medical school, and of course Sigmund Freud.


Amy Westwick


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