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AIB Hiking Day

AIB Hiking Day

Our students made good use of the beautiful fall weather in Germany and went on a hike through the Siebengebirge – the Seven Hills area.

One of our students, Mandy, from the Texas A&M Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning program had the following to say about the hike:

“Wednesday turned out to be the perfect day for the hike, it was cool enough to be comfortable while hiking, and the sky was clear and made for some beautiful pictures. On the way up to Drachenfels we were able to visit the castle house (Schloss Drachenburg). The home was incredible and offered amazing views of Bonn along the Rhine that almost countered the views from the top of Drachenfels. Once we reached the top we learned about the interesting story behind the name of Drachenfels while enjoying the scenery. Afterwards we hiked through the forest to the ruins of the cathedral and then to the restaurant below the vineyards. Overall the trip was amazing and provided breathtaking views, a great exercise, and some delicious flammkuchen!”

Check out the pictures below for some impressions from the hike.




Mandy N./AIB Team



LMU Engineering and BAC Programs Visit Belgium and the City of Light

LMU Engineering and BAC Programs Visit Belgium and the City of Light

LMU Engineering and BAC Programs Visit Belgium and the City of Light

In late September the LMU engineering and business/arts/communication students traveled west and experienced a week-long trip which started in Belgium and ended in Paris.

The first stop on the excursion was Brussels, the centrally located capital of Belgium. Here the students had an informative visit to the headquarters of the European Union and learned a bit from a few prestigious guest speakers about EU affairs. The students had lunch in Brussels before heading further west to the gorgeous city of Bruges.

In the evening after exploring the town for a bit, the students all had dinner at Sint Joris, a traditional Belgian restaurant in the central market. The next day students went on a guided walking tour of Bruges right before leaving for Paris.

The first day in Paris everyone went on a guided tour of the historic sites in town including the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and the interior of Notre-Dame. The students then had some free time to eat or shop before getting traditional French crepes for dinner. After dinner students had the opportunity to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Over the next two days the students got a lot of free time in Paris and visited two more of the beautiful historic sites in the city. The first was the Louvre which holds many renowned works of art including da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

The other site is the famous palace of Versailles where the students got a guided audio tour to take at their own pace. After the tour everyone had a French picnic in the palace gardens consisting of baguettes and a wide selection of fancy French meats, cheeses, and other delicacies.  

The students enjoyed the weekend free to spend however they wanted before heading home to Bonn.



Daniel Burt/AIB Team



LMU Film Students conquer Berlin

LMU Film Students conquer Berlin


It's hard to describe a city as lively, rich in history and diverse as Berlin when you haven't been there yourself. Our film students from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles can now, after a four-day excursion there, confirm that our capital is an absolute must see when in Germany.

We started our journey from Bonn in the most sleep-deprived way possible and with a 6 hour train ride early in the morning. Once arrived at Berlin Central Train Station, the first challenge was to find a way to our hotel and through the vast number of tram, train, metro, and bus lines given.

As soon as we successfully checked and settled in, we started exploring the city in the warming October sunshine and walked along the East Side Gallery taking in both the artistic diversity of the colorful paintings, as well as the historic impact of the heritage-protected landmark this remnant of the Berlin Wall is today. Getting a feel for Berlin’s multicultural neighborhoods, we strolled through the district of Kreuzberg and had a fantastic Moroccan Dinner, sharing plates of various North African foods while sitting on the carpeted floor.

Obviously what film students are most excited about are films. And so on our second day we got up extra early in order to visit the Film School Babelsberg in Potsdam. After a tour through the impressive modern building, studios, sound mixing suites, and editing labs, Prof. Stockleben introduced us to a couple of German student film makers. After screening two documentaries and one narrative film we got the chance to ask questions to the Babelsberg film students and have some interesting discussions with them over a lovely Italian lunch. Back in the big city Sion, our tour guide, took us through the city on bikes, sharing some fascinating stories, anecdotes, and historical facts about Berlin with us. There is really no better way to explore the city, and luckily we all survived the sometimes challenging traffic.

The third day of our excursion, according to AIB’s long tradition, was named the “My Berlin Day”, during which the students were divided into small groups and had to plan their own schedule. In the evening we all came together in the hotel lobby to listen to and look at what they had seen and learned. Many were in awe of the pompous museums in the city center, and the historic Egyptian artifacts of the New Museum left quite an impression. That day was not only about the popular tourist attractions though, but also about Berlin’s alternative, colorful, and artsy side. Our students explored tattoo studios, art markets, street art, and several different districts, and were able to show many beautiful photos that they had captured during the day. Of course one should not forget the sheer variety of cuisines that Berlin has to offer, and which to our students was a wonderful way of experiencing the cultural diversity.

Day four started on a more serious note and with the visit of the former concentration camp Sachsenhausen north of Berlin. Again, our tour guide Sion provided us with an incredibly knowledgeable, attentive, and sensitive tour through the sites, where so many people have suffered unimaginable pain and despair. Even though this part of the trip wasn’t quite as uplifting as the rest, it is fair to say that we all understood the importance of being aware of Germany’s darker history, as well as the impact the tour had on all of us.

So we left Berlin maybe a bit heavy-hearted, but also inspired of the city’s rough charms, bursting creativity, breathtaking attractions, and the wonderful time we had as a group.






Anne Hoffmans/AIB Team



The LMU Engineering and BAC Programs Bonded in a Weekend Trip to Eifel

The LMU Engineering and BAC Programs Bonded in a Weekend Trip to Eifel

The LMU Engineering and BAC Programs Bonded in a Weekend Trip to Eifel

This past weekend the engineers and the business/arts/communication students grouped together and we all took a trip out west to get to know each other a little better in the beautiful region of Eifel.

We started things off strong by all braving a high-ropes course together. After some brief instruction, we all were set loose to try a variety of courses with varying difficulty. Some of the tougher obstacles were a little intimidating but climbing with other students all together and cheering each other on made us attempt things we might not have tried alone.

Once the adrenaline levels calmed down a bit, we had lunch at a secluded restaurant that served some great German cuisine. The place had a very nice atmosphere and was only about a two to three minute walk from the ropes course.

The trip then took us to the gorgeous historic town of Bacharach which is along the Rhine River. Once there, we boarded a cruise ship and sailed down the Rhine for some sightseeing and relaxation. The scenery along the Rhine is beautiful and there were many interesting looking towns and quite a few castles to look at while we hung out with each other on the back of the boat.

After the cruise we continued on to the city of Andernach and checked into our hostel. The hostel was right next to the river and had a big plaza area with a mini soccer field (a pick-up game quickly broke out) and a grill area. We all had a big barbeque cookout for dinner with the students running the grill. In the morning we had rented out a conference room where we spent time doing many different bonding activities and games to learn more about each other. We then ate lunch together at the hostel’s all you can eat pasta buffet.

We finished up the trip by going to see the Andernach Geyser and the geyser museum close nearby. We learned about the volcanic processes and the formation of geysers as well as learning and about the Andernach Geyser itself which is the highest cold water geyser in the world.





Daniel Burt/AIB Team



Farewell to our first Summer programs!

Although summer has only officially begun, with the beginning of July, the first Summer Session at AIB has already come to an end!

We would like to thank all the students and faculty for such great summer programs filled with many new experiences and hopefully great memories!

Farewell to everyone and we hope to see you again soon in Bonn!


From Texas A&M University:

                    Sport Business in Europe                                                                                                History of Medicine 



         Sustainable Communities Track A                                                                   Sustainable Communities Track B



From Texas A&M University and Lafayette College:

German Language and Culture

From Loyola Marymount University: 

         Math, Science and Engineering Summer program                                                   Global Imagination program



From Butler University:

Creative Media and Entertainment program

From Columbia College Chicago:

Summer DOK program


From California State University - Long Beach:

Psychology Summer Study Abroad program



Thanks to everyone for an unforgettable summer in Europe!




AIB Team


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