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Penn State and Texas A&M students visit :metabolon landfill and innovation site

As part of their programs, both the PSU Landscape Architecture and the TAMU LAUP students visited the :metabolon landfill site in Lindlar.

The :metabolon landfill is a park that combines functionality, recreation and education in a unique way. Operating as a landfill site “covered” under an artificial mountain, the site also provides educational opportunities teaching about sustainability and also offers recreational activities for families, hikers, mountain bikers and anyone looking for great panoramic views from the top.

Wyatt M. describes the short excursion as follows:

“Metabolon park is an unique park that reinvents ways to deal with landfills, and create a space that is not only a landmark from a distance but that can be used for recreational activities and educational purposes. Another key element or feature of the park was that the landfill is used to create power through the harvesting of methane to create a cleaner power alternative. On top of the park was a hidden gym that had a three trampolines and a view that was absolutely astonishing. Being the highest peak in the region you had an unrivaled view of the surrounding areas.”





Wyatt M./AIB Team



Remembrance during Study Abroad

Remembrance during Study Abroad

Remembrance during Study Abroad

SFTV students on the Study Abroad Program in Bonn had the extraordinary opportunity to take a trip to the battlefields in Northern France to mark the centenary of the longest battle of World War I.

In September 2017 [editor's note: September 2018], the Bonn film students traveled to Northern France, to the Meuse-Argonne American cemetery to honor the fallen Americans on the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the biggest battle that the Americans fought during World War 1.

“This trip was significant in remembering those who have sacrificed for our country,” said Glenn Gebhard, Professor, Production Film & Television.

“Following that visit, we walked through the memorial at Verdun, where so many French and German young people lost their lives in that same war, and then to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

“Seeing the European Community Center, students were reminded that it is only in unity that wars are not necessary.”

The Study Abroad program, where LMU students go to Bonn has been a staple of international film education in LMU’s SFTV. Since the inception of the program in 2003, over 250 SFTV students have studied at our overseas facilities in conjunction with the Academy for International Education in Bonn, Germany.

Having produced hundreds of documentary films which have won innumerable international film festivals, this program is a unique opportunity for film students to understand the importance of non-fiction films and in learning production from an international perspective.

“Studying abroad is a personal experience – you learn a lot about yourself as you gain a sense of adventure and independence,” said Charlie Ozburn (Film Production ’19). Ozburn said that living in Europe for four months was an eye-opening experience that remains the highlight of his time at Loyola Marymount University.

Getting to make a documentary abroad added value to Ozburn’s personal experience. He found the film-making process in Bonn was more spontaneous and creatively liberating compared to that in Los Angeles. “You’re supported in creating your film without the hindrance of all the logistics, permits, and regulations involved in making a film in LA,” he explains.

He also claims that the environment plays a huge part in the filmmaking process. “Living in Germany, you can’t shake the constant awareness of how unique and strange the culture is when compared to our lives in LA. Making a documentary in Europe is your opportunity to explore some of these nuances and more deeply explore those that resonate with you. You have the chance to create a film that reflects your sensibilities and your individuality in a very unique way.”

The article and pictures were originally published on November 1, 2018 on the LMU School of Film and Television website - http://sftvnewsroom.lmu.edu/memories-made-study-abroad/  

We at the AIB are very happy to have such a strong and successful partnership with the LMU School of Film and Television and to have so many students come to Bonn and support them in making their documentaries! 


Dearbhla McNulty - LMU SFTV



Texas A&M LAUP students explore Berlin

Texas A&M LAUP students explore Berlin

Texas A&M Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning students explore Berlin

Berlin in October is usually already a little gloomy and windy, but the capital city was on its best behavior with plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures when the Texas A&M University Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning students ventured out to explore the capital.

The trip was a mix of cultural, historical and program-related tours and experiences, that two of our students, Aubrey and Louis, have called ‘an incredible experience’ and a ‘genuinely great time’.

Read below for what else they had to say about their Berlin excursion:

Aubrey H.: “Our Berlin trip with AIB was an incredible experience; a great mix of cultural, historic, and educational experiences which introduced us to the dynamic city. Upon arrival to Berlin we went on a walking tour and were able to see the major sights such as Brandenburg Gate or Check point Charlie with an absolutely amazing tour guide! Sion was the best!! Afterwards we had some top notch pizza at Due Formi’s! During Day 2, we went on two informative tours of Gleisdreieck Park and Tempelhoffer Airfeild. Both are sites which held an original purpose as a railroad yard and airport, but were transformed into wonderful parks. These parks are great examples of how to utilize an abandoned part of a city as an opportunity for public space. On the third day in Berlin we went to Sachsenhausen Memorial, where we were able to have an educational experience at a former concentration camp. This tour brought to the life the horrors which happened during the holocaust and shed light on a dark portion of Berlin’s history. Our final day in Berlin we split into major specific groups; the urban planning group went to several unique development sites such as a co-op living community, Tee-Pee land, and Holzmarkt. All three involved new creative ideas for the future of city growth, showcasing not only Berlin’s ability to adapt but also the potential for other metropolises to do the same.”

Louis B.: “Our trip to Berlin through AIB was not only a great time, but also very enlightening regarding Berlin’s culture and topics relating to our individual program. As soon as we arrived, we went on a guided bus tour around the city which introduced us to several different major sites in Berlin, including the Reichstag, portions of the Berlin Wall, and Checkpoint Charlie. The guided bus tour was really cool and informative, and our tour guide was the man, and definitely someone’s cool uncle, assuming he’s got a niece or nephew. On Tuesday and Thursday, we visited a handful of interesting parks and communities, which really inspired some cool ideas for us specifically as landscape architects and urban planners. On Wednesday we visited Sachsenhausen-Memorial - a former concentration camp, which was a powerful experience that I don’t think any of us will ever forget. […]  I feel like I know a lot more about Berlin and its history from this excursion, and I genuinely had a great time.”

Louis also mentioned that he would rate this trip 5-stars if he could! ;-)

We believe it is safe to say that the students had a great time in Berlin exploring all its rich history and culture as well as all the landscape architecture and urban planning aspects it had to offer!





Aubrey H./ Louis B./AIB Team



Waffels at AIB

Waffels at AIB

Waffles at AIB

As the stress of midterm reviews and exams was looming large over the students, we decided it was time for our famous AIB waffles.

So last week, our colleagues Alice and Claudia, together with our student workers Marie and Vivianna, got right to work and made delicious home-made waffles at the AIB.

The yummy smell wafted through the class rooms and halls and soon all students had forgotten about the stress of studying for the upcoming exams – if only for a couple of minutes.

Once the final semester deadlines approach, you can count on us to come up with something else to cheer everyone up!

We see delicious hot chocolate in the near future! ;-)





AIB Team



AIB Hiking Day

AIB Hiking Day

Our students made good use of the beautiful fall weather in Germany and went on a hike through the Siebengebirge – the Seven Hills area.

One of our students, Mandy, from the Texas A&M Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning program had the following to say about the hike:

“Wednesday turned out to be the perfect day for the hike, it was cool enough to be comfortable while hiking, and the sky was clear and made for some beautiful pictures. On the way up to Drachenfels we were able to visit the castle house (Schloss Drachenburg). The home was incredible and offered amazing views of Bonn along the Rhine that almost countered the views from the top of Drachenfels. Once we reached the top we learned about the interesting story behind the name of Drachenfels while enjoying the scenery. Afterwards we hiked through the forest to the ruins of the cathedral and then to the restaurant below the vineyards. Overall the trip was amazing and provided breathtaking views, a great exercise, and some delicious flammkuchen!”

Check out the pictures below for some impressions from the hike.




Mandy N./AIB Team


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