Health & Safety

Student safety is and has always been of primary concern to AIB. All staff members are service-
oriented and are ready to handle questions or concerns from individual students in line with guidelines from the Forum of Education Abroad, their standard of best practice in health, safety, security and risk management. Building on the host institution‘s system of safety and security, we make our system available at all times and provide a range of important services to the students:

  • AIB operates a 24-hour emergency contact number in Germany, which is accessible globally: +49 700 242 44 357
  • In case of illness, accident or other emergency, AIB will work with the students to ensure their well-being. We have recommendations for doctors or other specialists and have bilingual AIB staff who accompany students to appointments and help with formalities.
  • A systematic response system is in place to reach all students in case of emergencies. Therefore, AIB provides cell phones to all students for the duration of each program.
  • AIB closely collaborates with partnering institutions, embassies and consulates. Important information, such as travel alerts, are immediately forwarded to the students.
  • AIB also has an extensive network of carefully selected host families that are always there to comfort students, especially in times of need.
  • AIB provides orientation to students prior to the program and as needed on site, which includes information on safety, health, legal, environmental, political, cultural, and religious conditions in the host country. In addition to dealing with health and safety issues, the orientation addresses potential health and safety risks, and appropriate emergency response measures.

Furthermore, Bonn is considered a college town with a high living standard, a low crime rate and strong international atmosphere. For these reasons, various firms and organizations have made Bonn their home and explains why many people are able to speak English. This facilitates an easier transition into German life during students’ time abroad.

For more information on our safety standards, please contact us. We will provide you with a detailed strategy plan.

Emergency contact number

In Germany
+49 700 242 44 357


Standards of Good Practice
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