Global Outreach & Sustainability

As international educators, it is our mission to encourage dialogue and activities addressing global challenges. We want to make students aware of overarching topics that are of international value and shared by all of us.

Not only do we seek to implement social responsibility and sustainable approaches into our philosophy at the AIB by reducing the use of resources, waste and emissions by garbage separation and encouraging students to use the region’s excellent public transportation, for instance. We furthermore integrate sustainability into our coursework and programs as an academic concept.

More than 150 NGOs are working in Bonn in the fields of development cooperation, sustainable resources management and renewable energy. Being a part of this network, we support and encourage cooperation between students and local initiatives to create a forum and space for on-going discussions on environmental protection.

Over the last years we have begun actively collaborating with NGOs where our students can intern and gain work experience. Collaboration varies by field and ranges from sustainability and urban planning projects to the production of films for NGOs and other implementing agencies of sustainable practices:

Another aspect of our global outreach work is to involve students in active charity work. This can mean spending time in an old people’s home or refugee project, or running the Bonn marathon in order to raise money for AIB‘s affiliate Marol Academy in South Sudan.

Bonn Sustainability Cluster

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