Independent homestay

loose contact with hosts

For many students, this type of accommodation sounds like the perfect deal: It promises a lot of independence in a social environment. The student can structure the course of his/her day as desired, have meals whenever and wherever, and try to socialize with the hosts living under the same roof.

A lot of freedom – for sure – but also countless challenges when it comes to choosing a dish, finding a supermarket, grocery shopping before closing time, understanding German cooking instructions on packaging, converting Fahrenheit to Celsius, using grams instead of measuring cups… and then to eat alone and do the dishes yourself afterwards. Or, instead, the food stipend can be used in one of Bonn’s nice restaurants!

Independent homestay includes being picked up by the host family at AIB on arrival day, a room of your own, shared or own bathroom, shared or own kitchen, options to get help from/loose contact with hosts, possibility to do laundry, a front door key, and access to WiFi. Some families provide two rooms for twin accommodation (same gender).

On request, each student can be placed in a pet-free household or a smoke-free home. The hosts provide the student with bed sheets and towels. Needless to say, it is expected that the student keeps the room tidy and airs it regularly. Overnight visitors are only permitted at the host’s approval.


Apartment shared by German/international students (WG)/Apartment – shared by American students

A unique experience is to study abroad and share an apartment with other young German and/or international students. In German, this concept of a shared apartment is called a „Studentenwohngemeinschaft“ or, more simply, a WG. In most WGs, there is a set of „rules“ regarding purchasing common goods, cooking, and cleaning of common rooms that all members should respect. The best candidates for such a room should be ready to integrate and adjust as well as be flexible, tolerant, respectful, and social.