The AIB – Support for International Education Foundation

for students studying abroad for a semester or Summer session


The foundation’s purpose is to promote cultural exchange on an international level by supporting individual projects and initiatives. 


The "AIB - Support for International Education"- Foundation is intended to help individual students finance part of their study abroad at AIB. We all know that going abroad is inevitably linked to being able to shoulder the financial burden of a stay abroad. Program and housing fees, flights and living costs accumulate quickly and what’s the point of going abroad if you’re going to stay home and watch Netflix all day? We don’t want a lack of sufficient financial resources to be the reason for not being able to study abroad in Bonn and thus would like to empower more students to spend meaningful time overseas.


We are looking forward to reviewing applications and supporting students that are motivated to study abroad in Bonn.

Accessing the application

The application is a PDF form (see below). You can open and fill out the form using any free program, such as Acrobat Reader, that opens PDF forms.

Eligibility requirements

  • Enrolled undergraduate, full time, degree-seeking student in good academic standing
  • Minimum 3.33 overall cumulative GPA with at least 12 semester hours earned by application deadline
  • Application to a study abroad program at AIB earning at least 3 s.h.

Completing the application

To complete your application, we need the following documents: 

  • Application form See below
  • Statement of proposed study: On a separate sheet of paper, in around 500 words or less, describe the study abroad program in which you intend to participate and explain how you expect your time abroad to contribute to your academic and personal goals.
  • Personal profile: On a separate sheet of paper, in 1,000 words or less, write a narrative description of yourself, explaining why you believe you are a strong candidate for a merit-based, study abroad scholarship. This statement should deal with your personal history, family background, intellectual interests, educational achievements, cultural and intercultural opportunities to which you have been exposed, demonstrated interest in acquisition of a foreign language, and the ways in which these experiences have affected you. Include information about awards or recognition you have received, participation in extracurricular activities, and special interests and abilities.
  • Unofficial Grade Report
  • Two Letters of Recommendation: Referees should know you well and be Professors and/or Teaching Assistants at your University. One of the letters has to come from the faculty leader of the Study Abroad program you are applying for. Be sure to ask your referees early to give them plenty of time to complete the recommendation. Please include the email addresses with your application and let the referees know that AIB might get in touch with them for further questions. Note: the foundation will not approach referees and ask them to send letters of receommendation on your behalf.
  • Statement of Financial Aid: On a separate sheet of paper, write a statement about how you are planning to fund your Study Abroad trip, name the potential sources of your funding (like grants, in particular whether you receive Pell Grant) and explain which other scholarships you are requesting or applying for. Also include an information about which of the funding sources are confirmed, which are not, and at what point you need to make the decision to go or not go.
  • Student Aid Report (FAFSA confirmation)

Submit the complete application packet to the AIB by the application deadline as described below.
Incomplete application packets will not be accepted.


Check the deadlines:

  • For summer programs: March 15th
  • For Fall semester programs: May 15th
  • For Spring semester programs: October 15th

Late applications can only be accepted as exception. Please inform your referees of the deadline.

Selection process

After the deadline, all applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Foundation Committee. At least three members will review each application independently. Additionally, there will be an interview with either one of our local trust advisors at your University or one of the foundation members (via Skype). You will be notified of the outcome at the conclusion of the process. Note: It may take several weeks. Please be patient!

Confidentiality statement

The foundation requests this information for the purpose of making a recommendation concerning your application for a scholarship. This information will be shared with administrators of the scholarship program and faculty of the Study Abroad program you applied for. No other persons outside the foundation and the University are routinely provided this information.

Application Form

Please download and complete the Application Form. Then please print and sign the form.

Submission of Application Form and other Documents

Please send an Email to to receive an upload link to AIB's cloud server. Small documents (max 5 MB) can be sent directly using this Email address. Please send PDF documents only.