Film Documentaries

We have a long tradition of film programs, which give students the opportunity to research, develop and shoot documentaries. These films often go on to win prizes and be screened at an array of European and American festivals. Our affiliated lecturers and practitioners are all drawn from the industry, which fosters a highly creative and productive environment for the production of these very unique and compelling films. It also enhances the projects to really engage with the questions of authenticity and truth.

In the process of making the films, the students travel throughout Germany and Europe, interacting with a vast array of people and enhancing their intercultural experiences and competencies. As part of the production AIB seeks to hook up students with student workers, who can then act as guides, mediators or translators, when it comes to gaining access to interview partners. Due to our long term cooperation with Musicube students also have the chance to work with recording arts students and sound designers and composers in the post-production. This has become a major part of our curriculum to bring young film directors together with composers.

In the past, topics have elaborated on subjects ranging from current political and societal matters to micro-perspectives on individual artists, musicians and other extraordinary, unique personalities.

We are absolutely convinced that the documentaries enhance students’ filmmaking horizons as well as their overall perspective on Europe. It also sets up working relationships between the film students and the recording arts students, which continue and develop in professional relationships after graduation.


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„My study abroad trip in Germany not only defined who I was as a filmmaker, but it also helped frame a new world perspective for me.“

Matthew Rice, 2010

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