Device Design Project

Develop a sutureless graft-to-aorta connection device to be used in the installation of Ventricular Assist Devices? Our TAMU Biosciences students took on this challenge and presented their designs to enmodes GmbH, an Aachen based med-tech company, at the end of their semester at AIB.

“The bioengineering and biomedical science students worked in collaboration with the engineers and biomedical researchers at enmodes GmbH. Real world research and development teams these days include people with diverse backgrounds and skills, and companies appreciate how valuable a multidisciplinary and multifaceted approach to solving a problem can be. Both student groups learned to work with each other on this high-stakes enterprise in a dynamic learning environment.“ Jeremy Wasser PhD, Department of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences.

To design something for real-world production and use in therapies for future patients is not a task undergraduate students usually have the opportunity to participate in, especially not to the capacity that this project allows. It is a win-win situation for both, our students and the company. AIB will continue to work with enmodes on further medical projects.

Biosciences Program

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enmodes GmbH

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