Engaged Learning & Social Projects

Developing a medical device to be used in future heart surgeries for a real world med-tech company, raising awareness for social or ecological issues by producing professional film documentaries in cooperation with NGOs, or involving the local community into urban design projects. This is what we believe engaged learning is about.

It allows students to share their creativity and competencies in dialogue with professionals, practitioners and the community. It means too that students experience pitching their ideas and projects to expert panels. This transforms education into a dynamic learning process, preparing students for life in our globalized world. For every program, it is our goal to implement practical relevance and to work project-oriented: Our large network of partners and affiliated faculty enable us to be very flexible and open to setting up opportunities to put knowledge into action beyond the classroom.

Moreover, AIB encourages students to engage in social projects, within the academic framework, or on a voluntary basis. The AIB Charity weekend is one of many possibilities to get actively involved with the local community. In doing so, students fully immerse themselves in the language and culture, thus allowing them to truly experience life as a resident, not as a mere tourist. Such examples of “learning-by-doing” not only allow students to expand their academic knowledge but also provide insight into relevant social topics currently guiding the public discourse in Germany.