Intercultural Workshops

The ability to effectively communicate with individuals from other cultural backgrounds has become an essential skill for professional success as well as for everyday life. Workshops on intercultural communication are designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills that will help them successfully interact with people from other cultural backgrounds and allow them to become aware and tolerant of cultural differences. The main goal is to give students the possibility to understand the notion of culture as well as to learn about and question their own culture. During their study abroad stay, each individual student follows his or her own unique path, learning a lot about themselves and growing as a person.

Throughout the workshops, special emphasis is placed on the US-German context. Learning about Germany’s history of immigration as well as reflecting on expectations, self-awareness, prejudice and stereotypes are two of the many aspects emphasized in the course outline. Through readings, guest speakers, interactive exercises, movie reviews and research “on the field,” the workshops aim to expose students to the nuances of the German culture and people.