Transform your education by combining theoretical learning with practical excursions, site visits and day trips specifically designed and adapted to your program. Experience the famous Rhine cruise in the Upper Middle Rhine World Heritage Site, hike through the Siebengebirge or stroll through the urban center of Cologne. Once in Bonn, students benefit from the central location of the city situated in the heart of Europe.

AIB incorporates various excursions into each program, which may vary in length, destination or subject focus depending on program-specific needs. The variety of excursions offered are both of cultural and of program-related nature. Excursions integrate classical city tours with more explorative learning methods:

The “My Berlin” day takes a creative approach towards getting to know the city. Students work in groups and experience the city from different perspectives by talking and interviewing locals and visiting many of Berlin’s historic sites. Students also interact with their own group members as they formulate their own take on the city and present their findings to other groups at the end of the day.

Aside from traveling within the program, students also have the opportunity to travel on their own or with friends to many countries in Europe. The well-developed public transportation system in Europe allows students to easily travel from one destination to another. Within only a few hours, students will find themselves in Paris, Dublin, Barcelona, Prag, Vienna or Amsterdam and experience yet another of Europe’s beautiful and historic locations.

“I will definitely miss the bakeries, bratwurst stands, and Döner stands around every corner. I will also miss the ease of traveling to different countries. Thankfully, being abroad has shaped me in new ways. […] I have learned to go out of my comfort zone and to be confident in travelling and meeting new people. Thank you Bonn for making all these memories and connections.”

Emma Wong, 2015