German Language & Cultural Literacy

Cultural literacy refers to the ability to comprehend and actively participate in a given culture. What essentially does this mean for students in the German context, and how can students gain a deeper understanding for the German language, culture and traditions? AIB seeks to increase students’ cultural literacy in various ways:

AIB offers German Language and Culture classes for various levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, a science, engineer or film student, our classes are specifically designed to fit students’ needs using modern teaching methods.

Workshops on intercultural communication give students the ability to effectively communicate with individuals from other cultural backgrounds. This has become an essential skill for professional success, as well as an everyday-life necessity.

This directly relates to students’ experiences living in a host family and interacting with our AIB student workers. Students dive deeper into the German culture and language through daily contact with their host family, as well as the family’s friends and networks.

Whether cruising along the Upper Middle Rhine World Heritage Site, hiking through the Siebengebirge mountain range or strolling through the urban center of Cologne, various excursions and field trips enhance students’ study abroad experiences. Exploring the local surroundings or traveling to other European cities is very convenient and included in all programs.

“Studying and living in the city of Bonn has been a great part of my college experience and it opened my eyes to a little more about how other people around the world live. I enjoy my days in Bonn and there are so many things I appreciate about living here. I love living with my host family. As each day passes, I feel like I fit in just a little bit more.”

Aaron Wong, 2015