International Bonn

Located in the heart of Europe, Bonn has been characterized by the New York Times as a “global destination,” as more than 150 companies, NGOs, organizations and institutions such as DHL and T-Mobile have settled in the former German capital. Additionally, Bonn is the first German city to become home to a UN headquarters in 1996, making it the meeting point for many international conferences and events. It has also attracted an array of international schools, political foundations, institutions of medical sciences as well as organizations from many other fields. The multitude of conference venues, businesses and international organizations produces a unique setting for students in which they can study a diverse set of subjects.

Given the large international community in Bonn, the City created the Bonn International website.

Bonn is also known for its exceptionally efficient and comfortable local transportation system, which is linked by a regional network that extends into the entire Rhine Ruhr Area, allowing many key destinations such as Cologne and Düsseldorf to be reached within less than one hour. Other important German cities, such as Frankfurt, can also be reached within less than two hours. Whether within the region, throughout Germany or to neighboring countries, the excellent public transportation system makes travelling easy and convenient.

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United Nations in Bonn

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