Academic Quality –
Program Design & Implementation

Tailored Program

Our program design is specific and tailored to the needs and expectations of the sending institution. We design the syllabi in cooperation with our partners, which ensures that the courses will fit into the home institution’s course of studies and that students do not fall behind. AIB cooperates in an array of programs with different US institutions of higher education. Most of these cooperations last for a long time, some have been ongoing for more than 20 years.

Aside from academic planning, AIB provides a complete program consisting of tuition, program related excursions, site visits, presentations, and visits of cultural relevance. With the exception of intensive German language classes, all courses at AIB are taught in English by fluent speakers.

Academic Calendar & Home Credits Abroad

While in Bonn, students will receive credit directly from their home institution just as they would if they were on campus. We operate on the same academic calendar and time schedule system as the sending institution, which allows for an easy transition into your term abroad.

Academically Challenging

Flexible class schedules and small class sizes match students’ needs in a study abroad program and provide the perfect foundation to develop academic skills in a challenging environment.
Students interact with their faculty and experts in their fields on a daily basis. They receive the same high-quality education as provided by the home institution while being simultaneously immersed into a new culture, thus gaining valuable international competence and experience.

Academic Quality

AIB courses are taught by professors who were carefully selected in cooperation with our partner schools to ensure that students receive the best education possible. The dense university structure in the state of North Rhine Westphalia, which hosts over 50 universities and 1/2 million students, provides the basis for our great network of experts that we continuously extend. All
faculty members speak English and are always willing to adapt their teaching style to accommodate AIB students.


While our programs concentrate on specific fields of studies, we strive to integrate interdisciplinary training and opportunities when appropriate. We try to cross boundaries between academic disciplines, our Art & Ecology class for instance, so that students gain the valuable ability to understand and approach a given project from multiple angles.

On request we are happy to provide you with examples of syllabi, a list of cooperation partners and contacts for references. Please contact us.

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