Regardless of one’s major, all students today need a greater understanding of the world. As part of their studies, students set forth on their own academic and personal paths, learning how they can best have a positive impact on our world along the way. Studying abroad is a fundamental element of contemporary higher education.

We make it our mission to educate students and advance their skills to become independent, self-confident professionals who are well-prepared to deal with this world’s idiosyncrasies, both old and new. We assist in developing individual talent and skills by creating a special framework that encourages artistic, social and cultural diversity. Our programs combine challenging academic, professional and cultural components with European perspectives.

Merging academic, professional and cultural elements, transform your education! This unique learning experience educates the student as a whole. With that, we aim to lead students towards becoming responsible and confident world citizens and professionals.


By looking at the AIB website, you are one step closer to setting yourself apart from the more than 95% of college students who will never study abroad and will only see the world from television, internet, or at most, as a tourist. Simply contact us and we will help you pave the way for your educational experience abroad. Offering a range of summer, and semester programs, you will certainly find a program that is a right fit for you. AIB offers courses for credit through affiliated institutions. Exploring this website is the first step to obtaining the many valuable benefits of an international education experience.

Studying abroad for a summer or a semester will give you a new perspective on yourself, your home country and the world. By living in a foreign country, you will constantly challenge yourself in many new and exciting ways and gain a level of independence you never knew you had. Studying abroad will expose you to diverse people and viewpoints, and you will get to experience a different way of life apart from your life in the United States. You will be immersed in the language, culture and people of Germany and other European countries, and you will get to experience life as a resident, not as a mere tourist.

Achieving all these things can be done while earning credit towards your current degree. When you return from abroad you may actually be ahead of your classmates who stayed behind. Today’s competitive job market requires applicants to stand out from the mass and distinguish themselves from the majority, and international education experience is the perfect way to do so. Having international education experience is an incredible resume booster, as it shows prospective employers you are motivated, independent and generally more qualified. Additionally, obtaining German language skills can make you eligible for all sorts of jobs that you may have otherwise been unqualified for. German is the 2nd most thought after business language in the world. The staff at the AIB is excited to bring you all of these wonderful benefits of a study abroad experience. Congratulations on taking your first steps to one of the best experiences of your life!


Welcome to the Academy for International Education (AIB)!

We are delighted that your daughter or son is participating in or considering one of our programs as part of her/his study abroad experience. Students like your son or daughter are to be commended for having an interest in developing a broader view of the world, and we applaud you for supporting them!

We recognize that you as a parent want to be guaranteed that your son or daughter enrolls in the best study abroad program available, which includes much more than academics. Therefore, here are a few more things that you should know about us:

  • The AIB has 24/7 emergency service.
  • Bonn is an international student town and has a low crime rate.
  • The AIB works directly with enrolled students to fulfill all visa procedures and requirements.
  • The members of our professional staff all have experience living abroad and are available 24/7.
  • We offer courtesy cell-phone rentals
  • Upon arrival, students will receive an extended public transportation pass that they can use to travel throughout the city.
  • Our students receive an extensive German cultural and historical introduction to help them get oriented to the city of Bonn.
  • We offer pick-up services upon arrival, from the airport or main train station to the AIB.
  • We provide different housing options and ensure best possible support in case of concerns.
  • Many cultural and academic excursions are included in all our programs.
  • We have state-of-the-art facilities including a computer lab for students’ use and WiFi in all of our facilities.



AIB's Senior Management Team (SMT)

The Senior Management Team (SMT) is responsible for the operational activities of the AIB. It consists of long-standing and very experienced staff members: Ariane Hanrath and Ture Petersenn are Academic Directors, Sebastian Welter is Managing Director and Björn Riepert Administrative Director. Ariane joined the AIB in 2005, Ture in 2006, Björn in 2007 and Sebastian in 2017. Together with AIB's chair of the board, Prof. Dr. Marcelo da Veiga, they continuously work towards developing the AIB while at the same time making sure it stays the home abroad it has been to students and faculty in the last 25 years. 


AIB's Founder

Dr. Rainer Zäck (1950 - 2019), managing director at the AIB from 1993 until 2019, was an exceptional visionary, leader and mentor. He founded AIB in 1993 with the vision to provide US students with a life-changing educational experience in Bonn. Ever since, Rainer Zäck wholeheartedly dedicated himself to this mission in his own unique way: with great passion for the cause, an incomparable spirit of hospitality and deep care towards students, faculty and AIB staff and with an unwavering belief in the values of international education and dialogue. Rainer Zäck built a home abroad for thousands of students, faculty and family members, a place where people come together to learn from one another and to enjoy life – the AIB Community. AIB’s continuous development over the years is testament to his commitment and expertise. AIB will forever cherish Rainer Zäck’s legacy and will remain committed to serve AIB’s partner institutions and their students.


AIB’s chair of the board

Professor Dr. Marcelo da Veiga was invited by the founder to be the legal owner of AIB in the year 2018. He is the chair of the board of AIB’s Senior Management Team (SMT) and responsible for its strategic and academic direction. He has a long standing international experience in the field of higher education and quality assurance, since he was the founding president of Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences as well as a senior lecturer and supervisor of PhD students in different countries. As an expert in the field of higher education he is a member of the board in Germany’s Federation of Private Universities and at the same time its representative in the prestigious Federal Council of Accreditation. Professor da Veiga is active as a scholar in the field of Philosophy in connection with business, education and social innovation and as a consultant for quality assurance in higher education.


We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have!

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Academy membership

Academy membership is a new feature of the AIB, which seeks to create long-term relationships with all our various partners and friends. In this sense we see the Academy as a place you can always return to in order to gain help and support, or discuss and exchange ideas.

Students and Alumni – the offer of membership is here to give you the benefit of our contacts in education or industry if you decide to return to Europe. This means assisting you by searching for the right internship, higher education programmes or cooperation partners.

Family, friends and faculty – we would like you to enrich and enhance our Academy by participating in our workshops, screenings and talks, which we will be holding regularly. By doing so, you will be participating in a forum which seeks to discuss contemporary issues which have impact on all of us.